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Thank you for joining artiusclub.com

Artiusclub is a private Enterprise where its members receive cashbacks and commissions from the commercial operations made by themselves or their referrals at the companies related to the club.

By being member of this club, you will get huge benefits that will be resumed on the next four points:

1. You will never have to pay money from your pocket to be part of the club and get benefits. It is very important to emphasize, that The Membership of artiusclub.com costs thirty five dollars annually (USD$35.00), but the members will never pay that money directly from their pockets. That amount will be paid from any commission earn through the commercial operations related to the member at the club or its affiliated companies. To see the membership payment process, please click here.

2. Each time you make a personal purchase on many of the related companies, you will be granted with cashbacks at your artiusclub’s account.

3. Refer a customer to one of the related companies and receive a direct commission.

4. There will be two ways of getting indirect commissions:

I. When a purchase is made by your referrals from up to the sixth level in your scheme.

II. When a purchase is made by clients of your referrals from up to the sixth level in your scheme.

It is important to recall that Artiusclub uses a sixth level scheme to award the fidelity of its affiliates. In other words, when you refer someone, you will have benefits from all the individuals that he refers and the referrals of those people from up to the sixth level of that scheme. Let us illustrate that with an example. Imagine you refer 5 individuals. Each one of them refers 5 people to their structure and the same routine goes to every level of referrals until it gets to the sixth level. You will get the following results: First level, 5 people. Second level, 25 people. Third level, 125 people. Fourth level, 625 people. Fifth level, 3125 people. Sixth level, 15625 people. The total of individuals on your scheme will be 19,530. If the 50% of them on a calendar month, make or promote a purchase of 50 dollars at one of the affiliated companies and you earn an average of 0.25% for all those operations; you will get 1220.63 dollars on that month, without investing a cent. This example is made on a conservative mode and it is limited on the number of referrals per level, on the purchase’s amounts and on the percentage of commissions granted. With a little effort, this could be more balanced and productive for you. Think for a moment about the potentiality of this model and you will see that the benefits could be enormous, at the moment your scheme gets mature.

Another benefit, related to the previous statement, is that there is no limit on the quantity of direct referrals you could have and furthermore you might have benefits for all the operations they make at the club. In other words, the quantity of your direct referrals could be 100 individuals, or 1000 or perhaps, 100,000. Furthermore, all your referrals from any level of your scheme neither have any limit to affiliate and every single individual within the group could produce an income to you. Take in consideration the previous example based on 5 referrals and make your own numbers.

On your affiliate panel at artiusclub.com, you will find banners from our related companies that contain your id number; so your referrals could be identified and you might have profits from their operations. Also, the individuals that you refer could use directly your id number at the moment they make an operation; in order of being identified by our system.

As you could notice, the artiusclub’s affiliates only have to refer people to be member of the club or to be client at one of the related companies; in order of getting profits. To do that, you could use your internet social networks, or you could contact directly people who might be interested or you can even make investments on printing material and advertising to get in touch to a larger audience. It does not matter the method you choose, You will always get commissions from their operations and artiusclub will never ask you for any payment .

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